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Rules And Regulations


1. Students are expected to behave in a dignified manner in the college campus. They must maintain an ethos of committment to professional programme.
2. Every student shall have to abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
3. Students are required to get prior permission in writing from Principal for any absence or leave.
4. Students should not commit or undertake other courses during the regular college schedule such as appearing in other competitive examination for any course or employment of any commission or impart private tuition or computer courses, and be tutored in any coaching classes etc.
5. Every student is expected to take care of college property and proper care of library books.
6. Students are adviced to see college notice board regularly on all working days. Notices intended for the students are put upon the notice board. A Plea of ignorance of any notice will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to comply.
7. Students are adviced to make payment of college dues on time. The name of student may be struck off the rolls on account of non-payment of dues with in the stipulated period or continued absence for ten consecutive days or poor progress in studies.
8. Students are adviced to attend the classes regularly including the theory classes, practical classes and all demonstration classes during the course as well as the practical teaching classes. According to university rules and NCTE norms a student- teacher must have more than 75% of attendance of classes held in college in aggregate otherwise he/she will be deprived to fill- up examination from and appear at the final university examination.

Arbitration and Court Jurisdiction :-
Once the candidates are admitted to Nalanda Teachers Training College, Deepnagar, Biharsharif, Nalanda, Bihar they should accept to settle all disputes by arbitration / Mediation and within the local jurisdiction of the college. With regard to disputes answering in all matters, only the courts and tribunals having jurisdiction over Biharsharif shall have Jurisdiction for the purpose of filling a suit or taking any legal proceeding against Nalanda Teachers Training College, Deepnagar, Biharsharif, Nalanda, Bihar.

Nalanda Teacher Training College
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Bihar -803111
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